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Sign in and manage profile

Learn how to sign in and enter your library's information into the Policies Directory.

Sign in to the Policies Directory

Sign in to the OCLC Policies Directory. You may be prompted to update your policies periodically.

There are two ways to sign in to the OCLC Policies Directory:


  1. Enter your OCLC ILL authorization number and password.

  2. Use your WorldShare (OCLC Services account) username and password.  This is the same username and password you use to access WorldShare Interlibrary Loan or Tipasa.  

Contact OCLC Support if you need assistance signing in to the OCLC Policies Directory.

Alternatively, you may access the OCLC Policies Directory directly from the WorldShare ILL or Tipasa home page where you have already authenticated.


The Profile tab provides a summary of your institution’s information. The table below indicates where the information is stored.

Summary fields 

Asterisks (*) indicate that data in the field comes from the WorldCat registry (Not Defined indicates the data is absent). To change this data, log on to the WorldCat registry.

Field Description
Name (Symbol)* Library's name, as it would appear on a shipping label or billing address.
Also Called* Library is also called by this name.
Location* City, state/province, postal code, country.
Shipping Address The library's mailing address, as defined on the Contacts tab.
Institution Type* The library's description of itself (one type per library).
OCLC Supplier

Indicates whether the library lends through OCLC.

Possible conflict between statuses: See Change Supplier Status.

Days To Respond

Indicates the number of days needed to respond to a request (4, 8, 12, 16 or 20).

Note: For more information about Days To Respond, see Days to Respond.

Non-Circulating Materials, formats, or collections that are not lent out.
Periods Length of time items are loaned or renewed, as defined on the Policies tab. The shortest and longest periods on the Policies tab show up here.
Fees The range of costs to the borrower of loans or copies, as defined on the Policies tab.
Request Methods Methods used by borrower to request loan or copy of an item, as defined on the Policies tab.
Delivery Methods Methods used by lender to send requested item, as defined on the Policies tab.
Group Affiliations Groups of which the library is a member. Defined by OCLC and the library.
International Lender Countries the library will lend to (in addition to the country in which the library is located), as defined on the Policies tab.

Details fields 

Asterisks (*) indicate that data in the field comes from the WorldCat registry (Not Defined indicates the data is absent). To change this data, log on to the registry.

Field Description
Article Exchange The library's status for OCLC Article Exchange is listed.
Odyssey Address The library's Odyssey FTP address, as defined on the Contacts tab.
Library Catalog URL* The institution or library's Web-accessible catalog.
Library Homepage URL* The institution or library's main Web site address.
Lending URL The internet address of the part of the library responsible for lending.
FEIN* Federal Employer Identification Number (also known as Federal Tax Identification Number). A nine-digit number issued by the Internal Revenue Service to track a business's tax returns.

Change Supplier Status

You may want to change your supplier status for periods of time when you are unable to fill requests. These situations might include vacations, library holidays, or situations when your collections will be inaccessible, such as when a library or collection is being moved, or during renovations.

To change the supplier status:

  1.  Navigate to the Profile tab.
  2.  If the field labeled OCLC Supplier is set to Yes, then click Edit.
  3.  The Edit Profile window displays. Select No.
  4.  Click Save.

This action immediately changes the site to Non-Supplier.  It will remain set to Non-Supplier until the OCLC Supplier setting is switched back to Yes and saved.

To schedule the Non-Supplier status: To do this:

  1.  Navigate to the Schedule tab. 
  2.  In the Closures section, click Add.
  3.  Give the closure a name. 
  4.  Select a Type in the drop-down menu. 
  5.  Enter the Start and End Dates
    • For example: if the Start date is 6/13/2020, then the Non-Supplier status begins at Midnight on that date.  If the end date is 9/13/2020, then that is when the change ends and the status reverts back to Supplier. 
  6. In the field labeled OCLC Supplier, select No. This will be the status during the time of the closure.  When the closure ends, the status reverts back to Supplier.
  7. Add Notes if necessary.
  8. Click Save.

Possible conflict between statuses

Changing Supplier status on the Profile tab overrides any Supplier status you may have set on the Schedule tab (under Closures). However, during Closure periods Supplier status is checked on the Schedule tab every midnight (Eastern Standard Time). If the two statuses conflict, the status on the Profile tab is changed to match the status on the Schedule tab. The only time the two statuses might conflict is during a Closure period.

Tab from which supplier status is changed Timing of change to supplier status in FirstSearch databases
  WorldCat All other databases
Profile Real time Midnight (EST)
Schedule Midnight (EST) Midnight (EST)