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Patron Request Workform configuration

Learn how to configure and provide links to your patron request forms.

Follow the instructions below to configure and provide links to your patron request forms. For an explanation of each section of the form, see Article, Book, and Other Forms or WorldCat Discovery Request Form.  For an explanation of each available field, please see Patron Request Workform fields.

Some points to keep in mind when configuring your form:

  • Use the definitions in Bibliographic section fields and Patron Section Fields to create a draft of your form.
  • Only the Note to Patron field can be reused on a form. All other fields can only be used once.
  • Fields can be grouped into sections under a labeled Section Header to organize the information on the form.
  • Sections can be moved up or down at any time by clicking the arrows in the upper right corner of each section.
  • Fields can be reordered by removing and adding them in the order that you would like them to appear on your form.
  • You can preview your form before you save it to confirm that it will appear to your patrons as you expect.
  • Any updates you make to the patron request form will not take effect immediately. Changes will usually appear on the form within 2-3 minutes.

Before you begin: WorldCat Discoverylibraries only

OCLC recommends configuring the resource sharing button in your WorldCat Discovery with OpenURL to link to the forms in My Account. OpenURL will fill in the patron request forms with bibliographic information from the catalog.

Note: The WorldCat Discovery Request Form should not be used, because it only offers IP authentication. If you set up the WorldCat Discovery Request Form, you will be unable to track and view patron requests in My Account.

To enable OpenURL in WorldCat Discovery or WorldCat Local:

  1. To configure the Resource Sharing (Any Level) button, in Service Configuration, on the left navigation, click  WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local > Place Hold/Request Buttons.
  2. On the Place Hold/Request Buttons screen, under Resource Sharing (Any Level), select OpenURL 1.0 from the Type of button configuration list.
  3. From the Choose an OpenURL Resolver from the OpenURL Resolvers you have already registered with OCLC list, select your request form URL.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Continue to Step 1: Customize the patron request forms below.

Customize the patron request forms

If this is your first time customizing the patron request forms, the forms will contain default fields. Forms can be customized to include parameters and information relevant to your library. Refer to Article, Book, and Other Forms or WorldCat Discovery Request Form for an explanation of each section of the forms.

 Note: For an explanation of each available field, please see Patron Request Workform fields.

To customize your patron request forms:

  1. In Service Configuration, on the left navigation, click WorldShare ILL > Patron Request Workforms.
  2. Click the Article Request FormBook Request FormOther Request Form, or WorldCat Discovery Request Form accordion, depending on the form you want to customize.
  3. If this is your first time customizing the form, you will see the default form.
  4. Edit the Section Header or use the default text.
  5. Under Field, click the field list to select a field.
    • Input type is fixed for each field and will change depending on the field you select.
  6. Optional. Rename the field by entering a new Field Label.
    • Use the field label to provide patrons with a description of the information you would like them to enter.
    • For example, Patron Max cost could be relabeled Max cost I am willing to pay.
    • Field labels are limited to 30 characters.
  7. Determine whether you would like to apply any of the Options to the field.
    1. Select the required or editable check box to turn the options on.
    2. Deselect the check boxes to turn the options off.
  8. Optional. To remove the field, click the remove icon (remove-sc.png) at the end of the field line.
    • You will not be asked to confirm the removal of a field. Before clicking the icon, make sure you want the field to be removed.
  9. To add another field, click Add a field to display on this Section.
  10. Continue adding and editing the fields you want to include until you are satisfied with that section of the form.
    • At any time, you can click Preview at the top of the form to view the form as a patron will see it.
  11. To add another section, click Add a Patron Section or Add a Bibliographic Section (fields will differ depending on the section you select).
  12. Repeat steps 4-11 until you are satisfied with the sections and fields within each.
  13. Click Preview to confirm that the forms looks as you expect.
  14. Click Save you save your customizations to the form. Patrons will not be able to see the changes you have made to the form until you save it.
  15. Repeat steps 2-14 for any additional forms you want to configure.
  16. Continue to Step 2: Provide links to your patron request forms for information on providing links to the forms.

Note: At any time, you can click Reset to Standard Form at the bottom left of the form to return to the default (non-customized) version of the form.

Add copyright compliance and acceptance for non-US Libraries

Confirm and track acceptance of local copyright terms by adding the Copyright Acknowledged and Copyright Declaration fields to your patron request workform.


  1. Click Add a Patron Section.  Enter a Section Header title.  
  2. In the new Patron Section, click Add a field to display on this Section.
  3. Select Copyright Declaration and enter your Copyright terms.
  4. Click Add a field to display on this Section.
  5. Select Copyright Acknowledgement.
  6. Click Preview to confirm that the form looks as you expect.
  7. Click Save to save customizations to the form.

Automatically populate Patron Type on Patron Request Workforms

The value of illPatronType from the patron record will automatically populate in the Status field on Patron Request Workforms.  Patron Status will then automatically apply on ILL requests and in Usage Statistics.

Values from the Status field are available in Report Designer and OCLC Usage Statistics. See Reports for more information.

 Note:  If your library uses WMS Circulation, the value from the Interlibrary Loan Patron Type section of the patron record will be used and not the borrowerCategory.  Be sure to supply values in the illPatronType field of the patron load that reflect meaningful categories for statistics related to Interlibrary Loan.  See Patron data files for more information about patron loads.

  1. In the Patron Section, click Add a field to display on this Section.
  2. Select Status.
  3. Select the Field Values drop-down.
  4. Enter all of the values in use for illPatronType for your institution.  
    • Matching is not case sensitive.
    • illPatronType values for each patron are typically included as part of the patron load. See Patron data files for more information. For libraries who manually create and/or update patron records in the staff interface, the value set as illPatronType in the patron record will be used here.
  5. Optional.  Edit the Field Label for Status to be more descriptive to your users.
  6. Click Preview to confirm that the form looks as you expect.
  7. Click Save to save customizations to the form.

The value from the patron record for Patron Type will automatically populate the Status field if a match is found between the value in the patron record and the values configured in the field values drop-down.

 Note: If a patron has a Patron Type that has not been added in the Field Values for Status on the Patron Request Workflows, no value will automatically populate in the request.  The patron will need to select an option from the configured values. 

Configure Pickup Location on Patron Request Workforms

Patron Request Workforms can be configured to use your institution's Registry Branches as pickup locations. This configuration allows you to easily identify where to send an item for patron pickup if you have multiple branches.

If configured, when a patron selects a pickup location and submits the request form, My Account will send the pickup location as either the Branch Location Registry ID or–if the pickup location is not associated with a Registry ID–the pickup location name. This information stays with the request and is passed to the staff interface. It is also available for use with statistics.

  1. In Service Configuration, on the left navigation, click WorldCat Registry > Branches and Affiliates.
  2. To add a branch, click the plus symbol (+) to expand the branch option. You can add new branches by:
    1. Searching the registry for a branch.
    2. Adding a new institution as a branch or an affiliate.
     Note: If your institution is using WMS, you may find that branches have already been configured.
  3. On the left navigation, click WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local > Holdings Codes & Shelving Location Messages > Holding Codes Translation Table.
    1. Add a row for each Registry Branch. See Holding Codes & Shelving Location Messages for more information.
  4. On the left navigation, click WorldShare ILL > Patron Request Workforms.
  5. Open the workform (i.e., Book Request Form) that should have the Pickup Location field.
  6. Add the Pickup Location.
  7. Set the Pickup Location field as required/not required based on the desired behavior.
    1. Click click to view/edit field values. If the field was not previously configured for this form, the Current Locations tab will not contain any values.
    2. Click the Add Locations tab to choose values. Registry values will appear under WorldCat Registry locations. Select the branches that apply to this workform.
       Note: To add or edit the Registry institutions, branches, and/or affiliates displayed under WorldCat Registry locations, click the WorldCat Registry link.

    3. (Optional) Enter non-Registry pickup locations in the Other locations text box.
    4. Click Done to add selected WorldCat Registry and/or Other locations to the Current Locations tab.
    5. On the Current Locations tab:
      1. Select No selection to allow the form to default with no value or if pickup location will not be a required field.
      2. Select the value that should be the default. The list will populate in the order shown in Current Locations, but the default value can be any value in the list.
  8. Click Done to complete the Pickup Location setup.
     Note: Be sure to save the workform to save changes to the Pickup Location. Click Preview to see how the drop-down list will appear to patrons using the workform.
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 for each workform that has a Pickup Location.

Provide links to your patron request forms

There are two ways for you to provide your patrons with links to the Article, Book, and Other Forms:

Direct link

A direct link can be used if you want to provide your patrons with access to the forms from your library's website. By clicking on the link, patrons can request known items or items that cannot be found using the local catalog. The direct link will bring your patrons to the Create Request Form page in My Account, which contains all of the forms your library has enabled. When all three forms are enabled, the direct link defaults to the Article form. This link to the forms can be found at the top of the Article, Book, and Other forms in OCLC Service Configuration.

Note: Patrons will be asked to sign in to My Account before they can view the request form. They will also need to select the correct form to use after signing in, since there is only one direct link for all of the forms your library has enabled.

To locate the direct link:

  1. In Service Configuration, on the left navigation, click WorldShare ILL > Patron Request Workforms.
  2. Click the Article Request FormBook Request Form, or Other Request Form.
  3. At the top of the form, locate the URL field. This is the direct link to all of the forms within My Account. Note: All the forms contain the same URL


An OpenURL can be used to configure your library's discovery interfaces to send OpenURLs to the request forms for items that your patrons want to borrow. OpenURLs take the bibliographic information from the discovery interface and insert it into the appropriate patron request form.

Use the following base URL in the configuration modules of your discovery interfaces and replace xxxxxx with your library's WorldCat Registry ID (Find your Registry ID):

If the discovery interface requires you to configure custom linking syntax, see Configure Custom OpenURL Links.


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