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Administrative settings for Tipasa are maintained in OCLC Service Configuration. In Service Configuration, you can set your interlibrary loan options, print settings, borrower and lender constant data, custom holdings groups, automations, and purchase options. As a Tipasa user, you can also turn on or off additional Tipasa settings.

 Note: Changes made in OCLC Service Configuration may not be immediately available in the Tipasa interface. 

  • Interlibrary Loan Options
    Use this screen to select your settings for Tipasa.
  • Borrower Data
    Use the Borrower Data screen to configure Borrower constant data.
  • Lender Data
    Use this screen to configure Lender constant data.
  • Custom Holdings Groups
    Use this screen to configure custom holdings groups that contain the OCLC symbols of preferred lenders for a particular category of borrowing activities.
  • Custom Holdings Paths
    Use this screen to configure custom holdings paths that contain the names of holdings groups appropriate to a set of requests.
  • Automated Request Manager (formerly Direct Request)
    Use this screen to configure Automations in Automated Request Manager (ARM) to automate ILL workflows. Automations are composed of match criteria you define along with actions you want the system to perform on matched requests.
  • Purchase Options
    Use this screen to enter institutional account information for content providers that offer purchase options in Tipasa.
  • Patron Request workforms
    Use the Patron Request Workforms screen in OCLC Service Configuration to customize your patron request forms. Patrons can use the patron request forms to request interlibrary loans.
  • Print Settings
    Use this screen to set your default print settings, logo image settings, and book strap and sticker settings in Tipasa.
  • Advanced Workflows
    Use this screen to turn on Tipasa advanced settings including advanced lending, lending priorities, document delivery, proven senders, US copyright management, article exchange and OPAC integration.
  • Patron Settings
    Use this screen for Patron Account Management, Patron Request Management, and Patron Data Retention settings in Tipasa.
  • Notifications
    Use this screen to set up and configure notifications.
  • External System Settings
    Use this screen to enter institutional account information for external service providers.
  • Contacts
    Use this screen to save commonly used email addresses as well as the contact's name and branch. These contacts can be used to send a retrieval request email to a holding branch.
  • Tipasa Non-WMS Circulation Integration
    Use this screen to set up Tipasa integration with Alma.
  • Tipasa WMS Integration
    Use this screen for settings related to integrating Tipasa with WMS.


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