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OCLC Support

Address Book

Learn how to enter contact information for your institution's branches, as well as how to add details about off-system borrowers and lenders.


After you configure your branch contacts, when using Tipasa to send an email related to a request:

  • The email recipient can be manually selected from your contact list.
  • If sending a branch item pull request email for a selected holding branch, the system can highlight the email contacts associated with that branch.
  • If sending a branch item pull request email for a selected holding branch where there is only one contact for that branch, the system will default that contact as the email recipient.

If you need to send a pull request email to multiple names at a given holding branch:

  • Set up an email distribution list for all the names at the branch
  • Use the distribution list as the contact email associated with the branch

To add a branch contact:

  1. Select the Branches tab.
  2. Click on Add Contact.
  3. Enter the following information for the contact:
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Branch
      • (Optional) Select a registered branch to associate with this email address from the Branch drop-down list. Adding a branch enables Tipasa to link a selected request holdings branch to one or more contact email addresses when manually sending branch holdings pull request emails for a given request.
  4. Click Save.

Select Delete to remove a branch contact. 

To edit a contact:

  1. From the Contact Management list, locate the contact you want to edit.
  2. Edit the contact.
  3. Click Save.

To delete a contact:

  1. From the Contact Management list, locate the contact you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete. The contact is removed from the Contact Management list.

Configure holdings locations for contacts

 Note: These steps only apply if your Circulation System is WorldShare Circulation, Alma, or Sierra.

To allow you to define holdings locations that the system recognizes and that the system can link email contact addresses to:

  1. Register your library branches.
  2. Use the Holdings Code Translation Table to link your OPAC holdings branches with your registered library branches.
  3. Add contact list entries with addresses linked to your registered branches.
  4. Enable Tipasa to display your OPAC Holdings for requested items.
  5. Create a local branch pull request email template. When editing your pull request email template, click Edit and select BRANCH from the Recipient drop-down list so that the appropriate email contacts will be associated with this email message template.


Create and maintain details about off-system institutions that you borrow from and lend to in order to automatically populate the partner details in your off-system borrowing and lending requests. Entries must be created in the Partners tab before they are able to use the partner in an off-system request. Refer to Off-System Requesting and Off-system lending by request form for more information.

Partners cannot be deleted once created, but they can be flagged as inactive so that they cannot be included in future transactions.

Use the search box to search by Partner Name, Alternate Name, Partner Symbol, and OCLC Symbol.

 Note: There is a limit of 8,000 active partners.

To add a library partner to the Address book:

  1. Select the Partners tab.
  2. Select the Add Partner button.
  3. From the New Partner screen, enter the information about the library partner's identity in the following sections:Partner Information
  • Partner Information
    •  Notes:
      • Must include the Partner Name, Partner Symbol, and ILL Email.
      • Each partner record must have a unique Partner Name and Partner Symbol.
        Setting Description
        Partner Name


        Name of the partner institution. 

        Alternate Name Alternate name for the partner institution
        Partner Symbol


        For Partner Symbol, enter a well-known symbol such as an ISIL (International Standard Identifier for Libraries) or OCLC number. Otherwise, create a mnemonic for this institution based on its name. The symbol cannot be changed after creation. The OCLC Symbol must:

        • Be between 3-20 characters in length. Valid characters are A-Z, 1-9, # / : - @ $
        • Belong to an institution that is set as a non-supplier 
        • Not be currently configured for ISO 10161 or ISO 18626
        • Not be a special symbol like "RAPID" or "OFSYS"
        • Not already be linked to another partner record

         Note: To use off-system partners in borrowing requests, an OCLC symbol must be provided for the institution. Refer to Off-system borrowing, Include off-system partners in lender strings through automation.

        OCLC Symbol The OCLC Symbol for the partner institution.
        ILL Email


        Email address for the partner institution. 


        Choose the role of the institution. Options include

        • Borrower and Lender
        • Borrower
        • Lender
        Days to Respond (Copy) The number of days the copy request will remain with the partner institution.
        Days to Respond (Loans) The number of days the loan request will remain with the partner institution.
        Online Catalog Link The online catalog link for the institution.
  • Locale
    • The Locale will default to the creating library's information. If the partner is in a different locale to that of the creating library, manually change the local details using the drop-downs for Country and Language.

  • Shipping Address
  • Billing Address
  • Return Address
  • Contact Address
  • Borrower Account
    • Link the off-system user account created within WorldShare Admin with the partner institution. Note that only one user account can be associated with each partner institution, and a user account may only be linked to one partner record at any given time. To add a new user account to a partner institution, the old one must be unlinked first.
    • Refer to Create an off-system user account for more information.
  • Notes
  1. Click Save.