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Article Exchange Retention Settings

Use this screen to configure Article Exchange Retention Settings and your Copyright Compliance Declaration in Tipasa.

Article Exchange Retention Settings

Configure patron's access to a copy document through Article Exchange retention settings. 

To reflect your library's policies and the copyright policies within your country, use these settings to customize the number of views allowed and the number of days after the first view that a user can access a document through Article Exchange.


  • The default is five views with access for 30 days. These settings only need to be customized if your needs differ from the defaults.
  • The default purge time period is thirty days after the last time a patron accessed the copy document. This can be adjusted based on your library's policies and needs. 
  • If not accessed, the countdown for the purge time period starts from the date the file is uploaded to Article Exchange.
  • If the number of views allowed per copy document is set to Unlimited Views and the document is not accessed in 30 days (default), or less depending on your settings, the document will be purged. 
  • If the number of views allowed per copy document is set to Unlimited Views, My Account will display the expiration date but no view countdown.
  • Files uploaded through the staff interface will honor the borrowing library's retention settings. Documents uploaded through the Article Exchange Interface will use the system defaults of five views per document, purge after 30 days if not accessed by patron, and purge after 30 days from when the patron first accessed.
  1. Enter the following settings per your library's policies:
    • Configure the number of views allowed per copy document: Options include selecting any number between 1 and 10 Views or Unlimited Views.
    • Configure the number of days after it is first viewed that your patron can access a copy document: Options include selecting any number between 1 and 60 Days.
    • A copy document will be purged if your patron has not accessed it in: Options include selecting any number between 1 and 30 Days.
  2. Click Save.

If you change Article Exchange Retention Settings, please edit Notifications as needed. The data inserts ${MaxDays!} days and ${MaxViews!}, can be used in the notification to state the number of days or views as they are configured in the Article Exchange Retention Settings. Refer to Notification data inserts for more information.

Copyright Compliance Declaration

This copyright compliance statement will display to patrons when they access their copy document via article exchange. Provide text for a copyright declaration to be displayed to patrons when they access their copy document via Article Exchange.

  1. Select On for the Enable copyright compliance display prior to accessing a copy document setting.
  2. In the box provided, enter your copyright compliance declaration text.
    • 5,000 character limit.
  3. Click Save.

When turned on, library users will first be directed to an Article Exchange page where they will acknowledge that they have read the copyright compliance statement.

Once the user has selected Proceed, the document download will be processed. Refer to Article Exchange workflow, Patron process for more information.