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Supply documents to your own patron or another library

Learn how to use and configure the Supply tab in Relais ILL.

 Note:  See also Query Results for details regarding the constant request information, standard buttons, and request history.  

To update a request, either to your own patron or to another library, using a supply code or adding an electronic document (i.e., not by scanning a document with the Relais scanner module or as a loan):

  1. Retrieve the request to be updated.  See Search for requests for more information.
  2. The Supply tab displays, or click to switch to the Supply tab.
  3. Review the Supply tab fields:
    Field Description Notes
    No. of Pages

    Indicate the number of pages in the document being supplied.  

    Enter a numeric value greater than 0 into the field.

    Display this field if you use Relais to calculate a billable amount based on the number of pages entered. By default, the No. of pages field is hidden from the display.

    To display the number of pages contact OCLC Support and request a configuration change.

    Add Document

    Add an existing electronic document, e.g., one that has been scanned from print outside of Relais:  

    1. Click Add Document. A browser-specific file dialog box displays.
    2. Browse to the appropriate location and select a file using the dialog box provided.
    3. Once a file is selected, click Update.
    4. The file is uploaded to the Relais server and the request is updated in Relais.
    5. An audit record is added to the request.
    6. The request is moved to the appropriate delivery queue, e.g., Delivery Email.

    The list of file types that display depends on the current delivery method for the request and what is supported in the browser.

     Note: If the size of the file selected exceeds the file limit (60 MB) an error message displays:

    • SPECTRUM ANALYSIS.pdf exceeds the allowable file size limit. The maximum file size is 60 MB.

    If the file selected is not supported for the delivery method for the request, an error message displays:

    • The file type you have selected is not supported for the delivery method = Mail for this request.
    Supply as

    Indicate a document is being supplied, i.e., not as a loan or a document added:

    • Select a value from the Supply as drop-down menu.
    • Click Update.
    • The request is updated in Relais and a series of updates are done.
    • An audit record is added to the request.
    • The request is moved to the appropriate delivery queue, e.g., Delivery Local, for the cover page to print.
    Reset If you have selected a document and/or a supply as code in error, but before updating the request, click Reset to display the request as it was when opened initially.   

Configure the Supply tab

Several elements on the Supply tab can be configured, including changing the name of the tab, changing the text of each label and button, and selecting which elements to hide/display. All configurations can be done based on staff group.

Specific configurations are noted below.

  • No. of pages
    • The No. of pages field can be hidden or displayed and/or marked required. Default is hidden and not required.
  • Default max file size
    • The default value for Max file size can be changed. Default is 60 MB.
  • Supply as
    • The Supply as drop-down menu can be hidden or displayed. Default is to display.

For any configuration changes or questions regarding configuration please contact OCLC Support.