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Unfilled, cancel, conditionals

Find information on assigning unfilled, cancel, and conditions in the Staff Portal.

Assigning and responding to conditionals

Supplying libraries are now able to assign conditions for filing a request to be sent to the requesting library.


Supported conditional reasons include:

  • At bindery
  • Cost exceeded
  • The document may not be reproduced – loan possible
  • Item on loan
  • Not found as cited
  • On loan
  • Other conditions apply
  • Pre-payment required
  • Requested delivery date not possible
  • Requested delivery method not supported


  • Conditional messaging is supported when communicating via ISO18626 and ISO10160/10161
  • Staff-entered notes will be transmitted with the conditional reason selected (making “Other conditions apply” is a useful option if staff indicate what those conditions are)
  • ConditionalReply.png

Conditional messages sent by the supplying library will be displayed to the borrowing staff on that request.

If the supplying library indicates that the request should be requested at a later date, the 'Retry Request' option allows staff to retry sending the request back to the supplier.