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When I go to my ILLiad Testweb site I am redirected to my production site

  • When you go to your ILLiad TestWeb site to test your Web Page changes, you see the URL changes from the TestWeb folder to your main production
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are the steps you take to have TestWeb to work properly:

1. Make sure in the TestWeb folder that your Webpath.txt file is pointing to the TestWeb folder.  It should have the line c:\inetpub\wwwroot\illiad\testweb in it. NOTE: Do not copy this webpath.txt into your live web folder. It is not pointing to your live page and will error on an attempted login.

2. Information about this is on the Web Pages Folder Structure documentation in the TestWeb section.

3. You need to sign in through the TestWeb pages.  You can either do this by going to the ILLiad TestWeb folder.   For example if you go to https://my.illiad.server/illiad/TestWeb/logon.html or sign in to ILLiad and then change the URL to TestWeb such as https://my.illiad.server/illiad/illiad.dll to https://my.illiad.server/illiad/TestWeb/illiad.dll

4. Also, when copying files over from the TestWeb site, do not copy over Webpath.txt.  If you do, the production site will not work.

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