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Everyone is being sent to the Logout page when coming from EZproxy to ILLiad

  • User clicks on their link from their site and it is going to their EZproxy and then on to ILLiad.  They are immediately sent to the logout page.
Applies to
  • ILLiad
  • EZproxy

Check the ILLiadDLL.log to see what usernames are being released to ILLiad when a user attempts to sign in.  The log might show a blank value for authentication attempts, such as the following:

RemoteAuth username is:

The ILLiad resource entry in the EZproxy config.txt should be releasing a user header such as HTTP_REMOTE_USER. The RemoteAuthValidation table in the ILLiad Customization Manager should also have this header value as the RemoteFieldName. Additionally, the UseLegacyRemoteAuthHandling key must be set to 'Yes.'

If the user header matches in both locations, reach out to {{support}}.