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Search bibliographic records

Discover how to search for and filter bibliographic records in WorldShare Record Manager.

Search for a bibliographic record

  1. From the Data Type drop-down list, select Bibliographic Records.
  2. From the Scope drop-down list, select a search scope.
    • Select My Library Holdings if you already have at least one copy of the item.
    • Select All WorldCat if you do not own any copies of the item.
  3. From the Index drop-down list, select an index.
  4. In the Term(s) text field, enter your search terms. The text field will expand to fit your search terms, if needed.
  5. Click Search.
  6. Click the title of an item to open the WorldCat record.
Bibliographic record scopes and indexes - Table
Scope Index
All WorldCat Keyword





OCLC Number
My Library Holdings Keyword*





OCLC Number*

*This index supports wildcard searching with an asterisk.

Filter bibliographic records

  1. From the results list, select the check box next to the facet value(s) you want to apply. Results filter automatically. The facets you select will appear at the top of the facet list under Selected Facets.
  2. (Optional) To remove a selected facet, click the gray x (Remove a search facet) next to the value under Selected Facets or deselect the check box next to the value.
  3. (Optional) Click Hide Facets to remove the facets from view.

Available bibliographic record facets

Bibliographic record facets - Table
Facet Description
Language of Cataloging The language used for the description of the item.
Format The format of the item (e.g., eBook, DVD, etc.).
Year The year of publication for the item.
Author The author of the item.
Language The language of the item. 


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