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Advanced search

Discover how to perform an advanced search, which allows you to combine up to five indexes and apply multiple limits, in WorldShare Record Manager.

Use an advanced search to perform a more in-depth search than a basic search allows to find bibliographic and local bibliographic data. You can combine up to five indexes and apply limits to retrieve a more precise set of search results.

Perform an advanced search

  1. On the left navigation, click Advanced Search.
  2. From the Search Scope drop-down list, select a search scope.
    • Select My Library Holdings if you already have at least one copy of the item.
    • Select All WorldCat if you do not own any copies of the item.
  3. Select an Index from the list. See Searching WorldCat Indexes for more information on available indexes.
  4. Based on the index you selected, enter your search terms into the text field. The text field will expand to fit your search terms, if needed.
  5. (Optional). Enter up to five combinations of indexes and search terms:
    • Click the Add button (Add button) to add an index and the Remove button (Remove button) to remove an index.
    • Select a Boolean operator (AND, OR, NOT) for each index that you add.
  6. (Optional). Fill out the remaining fields. See Advanced search settings below for details.
  7. Click Search.

Watch a video

Searching WorldCat: Advanced searching

Run time: 9:51

This video shows how to perform an advanced search, using multiple indexes and qualifiers in WorldShare Record Manager.



Advanced search settings

This table describes all of the fields you can use on the Advanced Search window (you are not required to fill in all the fields):

Setting Description
Abbreviated-level records only Select the check box to search for bibliographic records in WorldCat with an encoding level of 3. For more information on encoding levels, see Abbreviated-level cataloging guidelines in Bibliographic Formats and Standards.
Format(s) Select one or more formats from the list. Format is defined in the WorldCat record. For more information, see Material Type Names and Codes.
Language(s) Language of the item. Select one or more languages from the list.
Language(s) of Cataloging Language used for the description of the item. Select one or more languages from the list.
Limit Results to Select one or more of the following record type limit checkboxes:
  • Abbreviated-level records
  • OCLC Music Hire records
  • OCLC Publications New Zealand records
Reset Click Reset to clear out all fields on the Advanced Search window. If you have set your advanced search user preferences, the search will reset to your default preferences.
Source of Cataloging Select the source of cataloging from the list:
  • Any
  • DLC: Library of Congress
Year(s) Limits search by year. Enter a single year or a range.