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WorldShare Collection Manager release notes, September 2021


Release Date: September 10, 2021


This release of WorldShare Collection Manager includes the functionality and migration from the WorldCat Knowledge base re-architecture project. It provides numerous new features and enhancements, including:

  • New model for collection editing: we have aligned knowledge base editing with the WorldCat cooperative model: any member can contribute changes that immediately benefit all members.
  • New Auto Select Titles setting: If a library added a collection in its entirety rather than choosing a subset of titles, the new Auto Select Titles setting can automatically add new titles to that collection, as they are sent to OCLC by the provider.
  • Alma libraries can now build their WorldCat Knowledge base collections by uploading data from the Alma knowledge base.
  • Greater transparency in the Activity History.
  • Title History for Knowledge base collections.
  • Improved collection and title editing workflows, including preview screens to allow proofreading of edits or a summary view of KBART uploads.
  • Enhanced Collection Manager user interface with improved search capability.
  • Better management for shared collections.

Many of these enhancements are the direct result of your feedback.

Recommended actions

See the WorldCat Knowledge base re-architecture release guide for workflow tips to assist your library in incorporating these changes and features.

Bug fixes

When adding titles or submitting title data changes other than OCLC number through cooperative management, changes are only preserved across data updates from the provider for a subset of collections

Cooperative edits and title additions will be preserved for all collections. The list of WorldCat Knowledge base collections for which all cooperative changes are retained is no longer needed.

Searching by WorldCat Registry ID not working as expected when sharing collections

When searching for an institution with which to share a collection, searching via institution name or by Registry ID consistently displays a value in the input box.

Known issues

Please see the WorldShare Collection Manager known issues page for the latest information.

Important links

Collection Manager office hours

Ask questions you have about Collection Manager. We are offering additional sessions to help support you around the rollout out of this major re-architecture release. Visit Collection Manager Events in the Community Center for more information about upcoming office hours and previous recordings. 

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