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Known issues

This page lists known issues in the WorldShare Collection Manager application and in WorldCat knowledge base collections and functionality. Availability dates are subject to change.

Please see the OCLC System Status Dashboard for active issues.

Current Issues


Issue Details
Find it @ links are not surfacing correctly in Google Scholar. Some libraries are experiencing an issue with links to library resources from Google Scholar that are supported by data in the WorldCat knowledge base. A resolution is currently being implemented for impacted libraries.
Video resources may match to non-electronic OCNs. Video KB titles may match to non-electronic content which may result in erroneous WorldCat holdings and MARC records outputted.

The Date format on articles is impacting being "held by" and the article links

When determining whether an item is held by the library or when creating and displaying links to publishers’ websites, the WorldCat knowledge base is not properly handling article dates that include a season (e.g., Spring 2022) or range of months (e.g., Jan/Feb 2022).

"Held by" statement for titles under embargo

In WorldCat Discovery, when search results contain an article or item from a knowledge base title that has an embargo period or moving wall of coverage, links will correctly display or not display in alliance with the coverage information in your knowledge base title. However, the "Held by" statement uses different logic. It is a known issue that the statement might appear for items not yet available, including those that correctly do not surface links.
Similarly, if a journal title in your knowledge base has multiple coverage ranges with gaps in coverage, articles that surface in Discovery search results that fall within the gap of coverage will have a "Held by" statement.  

Note: For proper link display, your settings must be correct:

  • In WorldShare Collection Manager, Institution Settings > Coverage > Use Coverage to Determine Holdings should be set to Yes
  • In OCLC Service Configuration, under Default Databases and Licensed Content, Treat as held should be disabled for your selections