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Known issues

This page lists known issues in the WorldShare Collection Manager application and in WorldCat knowledge base collections and functionality. Availability dates are subject to change.

Please see the OCLC System Status Dashboard for active issues.

Updated:  August 12, 2019

Current Issues


Issue Details
Lag times in the WorldShare Collection Manager interface for the reflection of changes you make to knowledge base collections

You might notice an increase in the time of reflection of actions in knowledge base collections in the WorldShare Collection Manager interface such as:

  • Selecting knowledge base collections or titles
  • Adding titles to locally-created collections
  • Changes to title-level data fields

These issues are exacerbated at times and are not always noticeable. We have researched and identified the causes and are working across teams to structure a plan to address them. We ask for your patience and look forward to resolving the issue as soon as possible.

When adding titles or submitting title data changes other than OCLC number through cooperative management, changes are only preserved across data updates from the provider for a subset of collections While OCLC number change submissions are retained for all collections, other cooperative management functionality only works for a subset of WorldCat knowledge base collections. View the list of WorldCat knowledge base collections for which all cooperative changes are retained across data updates.

Do not add titles or submit title data changes (other than OCN) through the cooperative for collections that are not included on the above list. If you do, they will be overwritten on the next data load that OCLC processes from the provider. Note that this will not affect any changes you have made to title data in your local version of the knowledge base collection. We always recommend making the changes you need to customizable collections and saving those changes locally.

This issue does not affect any of the cooperative collections that are added to the knowledge base by member libraries. Also, OCN submissions through the cooperative are now retained for ALL knowledge base collections.
Titles added to knowledge base collections via Cooperative Management When OCLC loads provider data and the provider has changed titles in the collection list (added or deleted items), it is possible that titles added by libraries via cooperative management will drop out of a collection. OCLC is working to re-architect how we ingest data and to solve this issue.
Update records always delivered when Provider Name or Collection Name changes We have a known issue that causes an update record to be delivered whenever a Provider name or Collection name for a knowledge base collection changes, regardless of whether or not those values have been profiled for MARC output.  This issue has been logged and will be resolved in a future release.
"Held by" statement for titles under embargo

In WorldCat Discovery, when search results contain an article or item from a knowledge base title that has an embargo period or moving wall of coverage, links will correctly display or not display in alliance with the coverage information in your knowledge base title. However, the "Held by" statement uses different logic. It is a known issue that the statement might appear for items not yet available, including those that correctly do not surface links.
Similarly, if a journal title in your knowledge base has multiple coverage ranges with gaps in coverage, articles that surface in Discovery search results that fall within the gap of coverage will have a "Held by" statement.  

Note: For proper link display, your settings must be correct:

  • In WorldShare Collection Manager, Institution Settings > Coverage > Use Coverage to Determine Holdings should be set to Yes
  • In OCLC Service Configuration, under Default Databases and Licensed Content, Treat as held should be disabled for your selections
Google Scholar collection-level defaults

There was a temporary bug with collection-level default settings for Google Scholar. The default functionality was restored (June 2019 install). However, for libraries that had already enabled Google Scholar at the institution level, if you selected a global collection in the months before the bug was resolved, the collection-level setting defaulted to disabled.

Tip: Use the Google Scholar search filter to quickly see which collections are disabled and consider enabling any e-journal collections.