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Known issues

This page lists known issues in the WorldShare Collection Manager application and in WorldCat knowledge base collections and functionality. Availability dates are subject to change.

Please see the OCLC System Status Dashboard for active issues.

Updated:  22 September 2021, 3:27 PM EDT

Current Issues


Issue Details
Sometimes in Discovery when there are identifiers like ISSN on both the WorldCat record and the knowledge base record, links do not display in Discovery.

Discovery should display links on WorldCat records when the ISSN is present in the record and matches to an item in the WorldCat knowledge base. In some cases, these links are not displayed.

Fixed: These links have been restored in WorldCat Discovery.

Sometimes when a library chooses Select All in a collection, library-specific settings applied to that collection are not returned.

When some collections are selected in their entirety, provider ID is not included in the data, which can result in title-level links being returned instead of article-level links in WorldCat Discovery.

Fixed: Settings are properly returned, and appropriate links display in WorldCat Discovery.

Override OCLC Numbers are not automatically applied to Grouped OCLC Numbers

Fixed: Override OCLC numbers are properly saved to the Grouped OCNs field.

Updates for some providers are delayed and will continue to be brought online this week

At the time of the September 2021 install, OCLC paused data updates. After the install, OCLC staggered the loading of updates to WorldCat knowledge base collections. You will see delays for some providers. Updates to your title selections might not occur on the typical schedule. The Activity History will continue to show migrated activity until data is refreshed.

Data updates for all providers have been resumed.

Changes to editing the Collection Name in global collections OCLC previously communicated that in global collections, Collection Name is editable and changes will be globally applied. This functionality has changed. If you would like to edit the Collection Name globally, please contact OCLC Support to request the change.
Provider-specific variables in Institution Settings > Provider Settings was not visible for 5 libraries. Fixed: OCLC restored the provider link variables that were missing for a small number of libraries.

Dropped Grouped OCLC Numbers for 1 provider

Fixed: OCLC has ensured that Grouped OCLC Numbers are retained in the global update process.
Title matches between WorldCat knowledge base and WorldCat Discovery are too broad

Links returned from WorldCat knowledge base to WorldCat Discovery are based on broader search terms than expected, resulting in some title mismatches.

OCLC is working to correct this issue. We installed the first iteration of fixes Tuesday, 21 September, EDT. Another iteration will follow. We will continue to update you.

Selected collections have unselected journal titles when a title has more than one coverage depth

Rarely, global collections that should be selected in their entirety are showing that not all titles are selected.

This issue was caused in the migration. It was not intentional. See which coverage depths do not surface links or set WorldCat holdings.

Fixed: All collection depths are selected as appropriate. 

Title count in lists generated via the API / WSKey

Fixed: Libraries using the knowledge base API to create local lists of their selected titles have the correct titles and links.

Journal title link errors in WorldCat Discovery A-to-Z lists

When using the Browse feature in the WorldCat Discovery A-to-Z list, journal title links do not have the proxy string pre-pended.

Fixed: OCLC restored proxy information in A-to-Z links.

Collection-level "Staff" notes are temporarily not visible

Fixed: OCLC restored the display of missing title level staff notes.

The link to WorldShare Record Manager is missing from Collection Manager knowledge base title search results

The link to Record Manager was inadvertently removed from Collection Manager title search results. Previously, the link appeared as a pencil in the Identifiers column. The icon was visible to libraries with Record Manager. This issue extents to knowledge base titles viewed in other applications, such as WorldShare Acquisitions.

Fixed: OCLC restored the display in title search results of the pencil icons that link to Record Manager.

Activity History: Title changes pages associated with migrated histories might not load

Occasionally, "null" displays where the title name should appear. This applies to Activity History data migrated with the September 2021 release.

This will be visible for about 90 days and will not be an issue going forward.

Title lists sometimes do not load; instead, the page displays a spinning icon.

Fixed: Activity History title changes pages now load as they should.

Activity History: Events sometimes say "in progress" after they have completed

Fixed: Completed Activity History events will no longer say “In progress.”

Activity History: Changes made by OCLC support should show a name OCLC staff account or staff name is reflected rather than OCLC when changes are made on behalf of a library during a support interaction.
Activity History: Provider Data Load events do not include the option to download a detailed report

Provider Data Load events in the Activity History do not include the option to download a detailed report in the form of a spreadsheet. The changes made by the data load are now visible in the UI and are searchable. A search filter is also available. Please use this functionality until the report is restored.

The Provider Data Load report will be available in the future. It is available for other load and feed activities.

The Updated Records report is not populating the Provider and Collection Name columns when a record has an Update Reason of Subsequent record output At this time, both the Provider and Collection Name columns are not being populated if the Update Reason provided is Subsequent record output.

Please note that both columns are being populated for all other update conditions.

We ask for your patience and look forward to resolving the issue as soon as possible.
Update records always delivered when Provider Name or Collection Name changes We have a known issue that causes an update record to be delivered whenever a Provider name or Collection name for a knowledge base collection changes, regardless of whether or not those values have been profiled for MARC output.  This issue has been logged and will be resolved in a future release.
"Held by" statement for titles under embargo

In WorldCat Discovery, when search results contain an article or item from a knowledge base title that has an embargo period or moving wall of coverage, links will correctly display or not display in alliance with the coverage information in your knowledge base title. However, the "Held by" statement uses different logic. It is a known issue that the statement might appear for items not yet available, including those that correctly do not surface links.
Similarly, if a journal title in your knowledge base has multiple coverage ranges with gaps in coverage, articles that surface in Discovery search results that fall within the gap of coverage will have a "Held by" statement.  

Note: For proper link display, your settings must be correct:

  • In WorldShare Collection Manager, Institution Settings > Coverage > Use Coverage to Determine Holdings should be set to Yes
  • In OCLC Service Configuration, under Default Databases and Licensed Content, Treat as held should be disabled for your selections



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