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OCLC Support

Why isn't an "access online" link displaying for this title?

Required conditions for a full-text link to appear for a title

The format type is one that will surface a link

Full-text links will only appear for the following format types:

  • Journal (with a coverage value of Full Text)
  • e-Book
  • Audio, Image, and Video formats

Links will not display in WorldCat Discovery or in the A to Z list for the following formats:

  • Selected Full Text
  • Abstracts
  • Indexed

Data in the knowledge base aligns with the WorldCat record

For example:

  • The format type in the WorldCat record must match the format type of the title in the knowledge base
  • The date range in the collection must fall inside the date range in the WorldCat record

Report a missing or broken link

See Report errant knowledge base links.