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Combine terms in one index

Learn how to combine search terms in one or more indexes in WebDewey.
To specify Enter Example
Multiple terms, all terms required (AND) [term1] [term2]


[term1] and [term2]  

A space between terms is treated as an and.
transportation safety
Multiple terms, at least one term required (OR) [term1] or [term2] radiography or radiology
One or more terms that must not be found (NOT) [term1] [term2] not [term3]


[term1] or [term2] or [term3]
college education not secondary
One or more groups of terms combined with other terms (parentheses) [term1] ([term2] or [term3])

[term1] or ([term2] or [term3])

[term1] or ([term2] [term3])
education (college or university)

graduate or (college or university)

graduate or (college university)