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Dewey user notes search indexes

Find the search indexes available to search user notes in WebDewey.
Index (label) Included fields Example Tips/Why use?
All Fields (al:) All fields/data included in all indexes of the Dewey user notes database   fiction Improve results when a search on another index produces too few hits.

Find all occurrences of a term in the user notes database.
DDC Number (dc:) DDC numbers (from schedules, tables, or manual) that associate a user note with the DDC record to which it applies 660 Find all user notes associated with a specific DDC number.

Use truncation to match all DDC numbers that begin with the same sequence of digits.

Not all user notes are associated with DDC numbers. The DDC number field is not required.
Keyword (kw:) Keywords supplied by the creator or editor of a user note bibliograph* Find a note by searching for term(s) that describe the topic you want.

Not all user notes include keywords. The Keywords field is not required.
Title (la:) Words and Dewey numbers in the titles of user notes electronic
Find a note when you know the title or part of the title.

Determine whether a term is part of the title of an existing user note.
Note (nt:) Words and Dewey numbers in the Note fields of user notes cutter* Find occurrences of term(s) for the topic you want in the body of a user note.