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Why can't I control any of the personal name headings in a record?

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  • Connexion

One of the reasons that you cannot control the headings on a record is that the WorldCat record is cataloged in another language (i.e. 040 $b fre). So a French language library could control a French authority file but an English language library would use a WorldCat record with English language cataloging to represent the same resource. This would allow each language to control its own authority file(s).


  • Language of cataloging in Catalonian: OCN 802463213
  • Language of cataloging in Spanish: OCN 434639011
  • Language of cataloging in English: OCN 12629830

If no English language record exists for what your institution owns, you can create a new bibliographic record

Additional information

For more information on language of cataloging, see Bibliographic Formats and Standards (BFAS) 2.6.
For information on when to input a new record when the language of cataloging differs, see BFAS 4.2.

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