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How to perform a silent uninstall of OCLC Connexion client

Applies to
  • OCLC Connexion client 2.63

How to silently uninstall Connexion client 2.63

We will use 7-Zip as our extraction tool.

To silently uninstall client 2.63 will require a little prerequisite work.  We need to get the Connexion.MSI files from the installer.


1. Download Connexion client 2.63.

2. Place it in a temp work folder.

3. Assuming 7-Zip is installed, right-click the client 2.63 installer and choose 'Extract Here'.

4. Delete everything except, Connexion.msi.

Attached to this article is a command script to silently uninstall client 2.63. Download it to your desktop.


The command file is commented with possible parameters.  The very last line is what gets executed.  For this example, the Connexion.msi file is in the c:\temp folder.  Place the UnInstall.cmd script in the same folder.


The UnInstall script was renamed to .txt to store in the help center.  Rename it to .cmd before running it.


The example uses the /qb switch which shows a Cancel button and a minimal UI during the automatic uninstall.  Change it to /qn for no UI.


Assuming the MSI and CMD files are in the same folder, run this command



The above assumes you're running the command from an elevated command prompt (no UAC intervention).

Additional information 

If you run into any issues, contact OCLC Support.


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