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Gateway export to FOLIO ILS causes Connexion client crash

  • When Gateway exporting a record to FOLIO ILS, Connexion client crashes and has to be restarted.
Applies to
  • Connexion client

First, check Tools > Options > Export > Record Characteristics and set the Character Set to UTF-8 Unicode. Try the export again and if it doesn't work, continue to the instructions below.

There is something about the FOLIO host name that is causing the client to crash.  To resolve the issue, you will create a new Gateway export destination but instead of the host name, use the IP address of the FOLIO server.

How to find out the IP address of the FOLIO server

Ask your FOLIO support representative for the IP address OR follow the instructions below to ping the FOLIO server to obtain the IP address.

  1.  Hold down the Windows key and press the letter R; this brings up the Windows Run box.
  2.  Type cmd and press Enter. This opens a command line window.
  3.  At the flashing cursor, type ping followed by the Host Name assigned to you by FOLIO and press Enter.
  4.  A ping of the server shows your host name followed by the IP address.
  5. Use the IP address it returns for the next steps.

Set up a new Gateway export destination

  1. Delete the existing Gateway export destination (it's damaged and won't work, even with an IP).
  2. Create a new Gateway export destination. In the host name box enter the IP address obtained from pinging the server.
  3.  Enter all other information the same as before; port, login name and password.
  4.  Save and test.

If problems persist, contact OCLC Support with your library symbol, a screenshot of the error, and the steps you taken so far.

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