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E-Dictionary Search Results

Find out how to access and use the E-Dictionary Search Results window in Connexion client.

Purpose of the E-Dictionary Search Results window

  • View E-Dictionary entries retrieved by searching or browsing the E-Dictionary.
  • Double-click (or select and press <Enter>) to view an entry.
  • Print the results list or print a specified number of pages of the list.

Access the E-Dictionary Search Results window

  1. Navigate to Tools > CJK E-Dictionary or press <Alt><T><J>.
  2. Double-click a list entry for the kind of information you want (see details below).
  3. (Optional) Click Print to print the list. See the Caution below.
  4. Click Close.

See more about how to use the E-Dictionary.

E-Dictionary Search Results window: Features and buttons

Feature How to use
List with columns showing various kinds of information for E-Dictionary entries To open an entry in the list: 

Double-click an entry (or select an entry and press <Enter>) to open the E-Dictionary Entry window. Use the entry window to copy any available value or graphic to paste into a record, workform, constant data, or text string.

You must open the E-Dictionary Entry window to be able to copy information. You cannot copy from the list.

See a list and description of columns given in default order.

To customize the list display (temporarily):
  • Sort order
    • To re-sort by another column, click the column heading. The list re-sorts by values in the column, in ascending order (alphabetic or numeric) with entries that have no value appearing first.
    • An arrow identifies the sorting column; for example: Unicode ascending order sort
  • Sort direction - To reverse sort order, click the column heading for the column that sorts the list. The arrow reverses order to indicate descending order: Unicode descending order sort
  • Column size - To change column size, point to the right border of the column heading. When the pointer becomes Column Size Pointer, click and hold to drag the border.
  • Column order - To change the order of a column, click, hold, and drag the column heading to a new position.

 Note: The client does not retain changes you make to the list display once you close the list. 


Button name Click the button to...
OK Open the selected entry in the E-Dictionary Entry window where you can copy a value for the entry to paste into a record or text string.
Cancel Close the window without opening an entry. You return to the E-Dictionary Search window or the Browse by EACC Layer window, depending on whether you did a search or browse.
Close Close the E-Dictionary.
Print Print the list. Opens the Print window. Click Print again.
Print a specified number of pages in the list:

In the Print window, click the Pages button and enter the number of pages to print. Then click Print again.

 Caution: If you want to print an entire layer of EACC values, be aware that some layers contain a large number of entries:

  • Layer 1 contains entries for almost 10,000 characters.
    Printing all of the entries requires over 200 sheets of paper.
  • Layers 2, 3, 8, and 14 are also extensive.
  • See EACC layers: Details for the number of characters in each EACC layer.