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CJK E-Dictionary Search

Find out how to access and use the CJK E-Dictionary Search window in Connexion client.

Purpose of the CJK E-Dictionary Search window

  • Search by EACC code for a single character or related characters.
  • Search by Unicode character (paste character into the Search by Input Code box).
  • Search by TC code or partial TC code.
  • Search by phonetic input code.
  • Open the Browse by EACC Layer window to browse a section of the E-Dictionary.

Access the CJK E-Dictionary Search window

  1. Navigate to Tools > CJK E-Dictionary or press <Alt><T><J>.
  2. Search for a character or code using the features described in the table below.
  3. Select a script.
  4. Click Find or click Browse to browse by EACC layer.
  5. Click Close.

See more about how to use the E-Dictionary.

CJK E-Dictionary Search window: Features and buttons

Feature How to use
Search by Input code field Enter (type or copy and paste) an EACC, Tsang-chieh, or phonetic input code as a search term.

The code must be valid for the selected input method.
Input Method buttons Click a button to select one of the following input methods:
  • EACC (default)
  • Tsang-Chieh (TC) 
  • Wade-Giles (WG) 
  • Unicode (by character) 
  • Pinyin (PY) 
  • McCune-Reischauer (MR) 
  • Modified Hepburn (HP)

See Use CJK E-Dictionary for details.

Script check boxes Shows which of the following scripts are supported by the selected input method:
  • Chinese (CC)
  • Hirakana (JH)
  • Katakana (JK)
  • Hangul (KH)

Scripts are displayed as follows:

  • Check-marked boxes show supported scripts
  • Blank boxes show excluded scripts
  • Unavailable (grayed out) boxes indicate unavailable scripts

Select only one script. Where multiple scripts are supported (check-marked), select the check boxes to clear the scripts you do not want.


Button name Click the button to...
Find Start an E-Dictionary search for the input code.

This button is unavailable until you enter an input code.
Browse Open the Browse by EACC Layer window.
ALA Entry Open the Enter Diacritics and Special Characters window to enter a diacritic or special character.
Close Close the CJK E-Dictionary.