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Create a bibliographic constant data record from a workform

Discover how to create a bibliographic constant data record from a workform in Connexion client.

 Caution: If you save a constant data record from the local file to the online constant data file and the record name already exists in the online file, you receive an error message. You cannot change the name to make it unique. Instead, derive a new constant data record (Edit > Derive > New Constant Data, or <Ctrl><I>) and assign a new name.


  1. Logged on or offline, on the Cataloging menu, click Create > Constant Data or press <Ctrl><Shift><N>.
     Note: This menu item is available only when you are logged on to the system.
  2. In the Create a New Constant Data window in the Workform Type list, select a format for the new constant data record:
    • Books (default)
    • Computer Files
    • Maps
    • Mixed Materials
    • Scores
    • Sound Recordings
    • Visual Materials
  3. Click OK or press <Enter>, or click Cancel. If you click OK or press <Enter>, the new constant data record opens.
  4. Enter the content you want to reuse in multiple bibliographic records.

     Note: Use the same techniques that you use to create bibliographic records. See Create bibliographic records for more information.

     Caution: If you need to insert blank fields, keep blank subfields, or preserve fixed field values in the original record when you apply constant data, see How to insert blank fields, keep blank subfields, and preserve fixed field values when applying constant data.

  5. On the Action menu, click Save Record to Online File or press <Ctrl><Alt><V> (available only if you are logged on).
    Click Save Record to Local File or press <F4>.
  6. In the Enter Constant Data Information window:
    1. Enter a descriptive name for the new record.
    2. (Optional) Select the Make Default Constant Data check box to make the new record the default.
      • If you check the box to make the record the default, the Fields to Apply window opens. Select the MARC fields you want to apply when you use the record:
        • Fixed fields
        • Variable fields
        • Both
       Note: See Caution about not using diacritics and special characters in the text of a My Status for online constant data only.
    3. (Optional) In the My Status text box, type a word or phrase that will help you identify the record easily (maximum of 40 characters, free text). To change the My Status later, open the record, and on the Action menu, click Set Status or press <Alt><Shift><S>.

      If more than one staff person works with constant data records in the same file (online or local), you can assign your name as My Status for the records. To retrieve only your constant data records, limit searching by My Status [your name].
  7. Click OK or press <Enter>, or click Cancel.
    • The system adds the new bibliographic constant data record to the constant data file you specify.
    • The system redisplays the bibliographic constant data record with empty fields removed.
    • If you save the record to the online file, the record closes.
    • If you save the record to the local file, the record remains open.