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About SCIPIO cataloging formats and standards

Find an overview of SCIPIO cataloging formats and standards in Connexion client.


Use the guidelines in this document to create new records for SCIPIO: Art and Rare Books Sales Catalogs in WorldCat. Based on the AACR2, these guidelines are intended to cover most cataloging needs for creating records for SCIPIO auction sales catalogs. For cataloging questions not covered here, consult AACR2. If needed libraries may create fuller cataloging records by adding additional information as prescribed by AACR2. For complete information about MARC codes and fields, see the latest MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data.

In accordance with AACR2, these guidelines are based on the principle that the record the cataloger creates describes the bibliographic unit of a published catalog, not individual auction sales. If the catalogs of two or more auction sales are published together in a single volume, create one record for the volume. See instructions in the description of field 245 and of other relevant fields.

Unless noted otherwise, all fields described in this guide are required if they are applicable.

Authorization for SCIPIO cataloging

Your OCLC cataloging profile, associated with the authorization number you use to log on to Connexion, must include SCIPIO to create new SCIPIO bibliographic records, to add the SCIPIO designation (the authentication code scipio in field 042 subfield a) to an existing SCIPIO bibliographic record, or to remove the SCIPIO designation from a SCIPIO bibliographic record. 

Otherwise, all catalogers can work with SCIPIO records in the same way they use WorldCat records.

Work with SCIPIO records

Use the Windows-based Connexion client interface to work with SCIPIO records, or switch between the interfaces.

See details on working with SCIPIO records using the Connexion client.

You can also view the complete Connexion client documentation.

Use the client software interface to Connexion