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Display, edit, and print a label

Discover how to display, edit, and print a label in Connexion client.
  1. Display a bibliographic record and edit as needed. For instance, you may need to:
    • Add a call number, edit the existing call number, or suppress the call number.
    • Enter input stamp(s) in brackets in the OCLC Holding Library Code field (049 ‡a).
    • Add a DDC class number (from 082 ‡a).
    • Insert a Dewey Cutter number (from 092 ‡b).
    • Edit text in the author (1xx) or title (245 ‡a) fields that supply the information for the label content.
  2. Click View Label, click the View Label button (View Label button), or press <F10>.
    • The Label dialog opens showing data extracted from the record based on:
      • The label format you specified in Tools > Options > Printing/Label Options. If you do not select one, the default format is SL4.
      • The classification scheme associated with your OCLC authorization or, if working offline with records in the local save file, the classification scheme you define for offline cataloging in Tools > Options > General tab.
  3. In the Label dialog, you can:
    • Edit text in the label if needed - Select the Mirror Edits check box to automatically add the same edits you make for the Pocket 1 label to the Pocket 2 label. By default, the check box is not selected. You can edit Pocket 1 and Pocket 2 text independently. The Mirror Edits option is available only when Pocket 1 and Pocket 2 text matches exactly.
    • Enter diacritics or special characters in label text:
      1. In the Label dialog, click ALA Entry. The ALA Character Selection dialog opens.
      2. Select a diacritic or character by its graphic in the chart or by its name in the ALA Character Name list.
      3. Click Insert to insert without closing the dialog. You can enter additional diacritics or characters.
        Click Insert and Close to insert and close the dialog.

         Note: OCLC recommends selecting the ALA BT Courier font (supplied when you install the client) for printing labels. The font includes the ALA character set for displaying and printing diacritics and special characters in records. You can set the font as the default for labels in Tools > Options > Fonts.

    • Change the number of copies to print - In the Copies of Each field, enter a number from 1 to 999. By default, the system prints 1 copy.
    • View labels for other holding libraries - Select a holding library symbol in the Holding Library Code list. Holding libraries listed are those whose codes appear in field 049 of the record.
  4. When finished, click Print.
    • The label set prints immediately.
    • If printing to a text file (an option you select in Tools > Options > Printing tab), the client appends the text of this label set to the labels in the text file you specified.
    • If you selected the Prompt for Options check box under Tools > Options > Printing for printing labels on Sheet stock, the Column and Row Options dialog opens so that you can select the column and row to start printing.