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About printing labels

Find an overview on label printing setup and options in Connexion client.


  1. The Connexion client automatically creates labels for a displayed bibliographic record retrieved from WorldCat or from the online or local bibliographic save file if the record has a call number.
  2. The client extracts appropriate data from the displayed record and places it in the label. To prepare the label, you can:
    • Edit the record to prepare the correct data for the label.
    • Display and edit the label: With the record open, click View > Label, the View Label button (View Label button), or press <F10>.
  3. To print:
    • Print labels for a single record from the label display (View > Label).
    • Print labels without displaying them first for one record or for records selected in a list (File > Print Label(s)).
    • Set an option in Tools > Options > Batch to mark local file records for batch processing.
  4. Classification scheme - When you are online, the client determines the classification scheme for a label by the authorization you use to log on to the system. To work with labels offline, you must supply a classification scheme in Tools > Options > General tab under Offline Cataloging.
  5. To save the text of a label, print to a text file (set the option Output to text file for labels in Tools > Options > Printing).
    Edit the record as necessary to produce the label content you want and save the record.

     Note: If you have a Cutter number in field 092 ‡b but ‡a is blank, the client adds the call number to 092 ‡a from field 082.

  6. When you work in local files, the client uses settings for label printing from Tools > Options > Printing, whether you are logged on or offline.

Label printing setup and options

The following table summarizes label setup and options and where to go in the client to check, enter, or select them:

Options or settings Where to check, enter, or select
  • Label printer
    Default: Default printer specified for Windows
  • Font type
    Default: Arial Unicode MS if installed on your workstation; if not, your default font in Windows
  • Font size
    Default: 12 pt.
  • Regular or boldface
    Default: Regular

 Note: OCLC recommends selecting the ALA BT Courier font as the default for printing labels. The font is supplied when you install the client. It includes the ALA character set for displaying and printing diacritics and special characters.

Tools > Options > Fonts
Select a label printer Tools > Options > Printing
Printing options:
  • Format
    Default: SL4
    See Label formats for more information.
  • Print offsets
    Default: 0.0 for top and left
  • Type of label stock
    Default: Continuous
  • Enter a tag for pocket labels
  • Prompt to start printing at a specific column and row (available for sheet stock only)
  • Print to a text file
    Default: Options cleared; labels print to your printer
  • Define automatic stamps
  • Print a sample label to check the alignment
Tools > Options > Printing

Click Label Options to open the
Label Printing Options dialog.
Print in batch mode (available for records in the local bibliographic save file):

Set the Label Printing option under Perform local actions in batch to mark records for printing in batch rather than printing immediately.
Tools > Options > Batch
Define a classification scheme for offline cataloging (required for working with labels offline; if specified, also used for printing labels for records in the local file when online) Tools > Options > General

See Customize printing and display of records, lists, and labels for more information.