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Add a bibliographic record to WorldCat, save to online or local file, or submit for peer review

Discover how to add a bibliographic record to WorldCat, save to an online or local file, and submit for peer review in Connexion client.

After creating a record, you can add it to WorldCat or save it for further editing or for peer review.

 Caution: If you are online and log off without adding the new record to WorldCat or saving it, your record is lost.

Add a record to WorldCat

  1. Prevent duplicate records - Search WorldCat again, immediately before adding a record, to verify that no one has added a record for the item since you began cataloging it.
  2. If no record exists, validate and then add the record to WorldCat - On the Action menu, perform one of the following actions:
    1. Click Update Holdings, click the Update Holdings button (Update Holdings button), or press <F8>. This action sets your library's holdings on the record when it is added to WorldCat.
    2. Click Produce and Update Holdings, click the Produce and Update Holdings button (Produce and Update Holdings button), or press <Shift><F7>. This action sets your holdings and also produces accessions lists offline.


  • Connexion validates the record. If the system reports validation errors, correct them and retry adding the record.
  • When the record is valid, Connexion adds it to WorldCat, sets your holdings, and assigns an OCLC control number.
  • Your copy of the record is displayed. Local data fields you added to the record are retained in your copy.


  • You can validate the record and correct any validation errors as a separate action, but the system validates a record automatically before performing a final action on it.
  • If you want to do one of these actions immediately on a record in a local file, you must be logged on. If you take an action while offline, the record is marked for batch processing.

Save a record you create

  1. (Optional) Before saving, assign a My Status and/or workflow status - Navigate to Action > Set Status or press <Alt><Shift><S>. The status(es) you assign appear in the status bar at the bottom of the record.
  2. Navigate to Action > Save Record Online or press <Ctrl><Alt><V>.
    Click Save Record to Local File or press <F4>.

    See Save bibliographic records for more information.

See Exchange records for peer review for procedures for submitting records for review or reviewing records with your peers at other libraries.