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Add data, edit, or review new bibliographic records

Discover how to edit, review, or add data to new bibliographic records in Connexion client.

Open MARC field Help

For assistance any time while you edit or create a record, open the MARC field description for any field:

Navigate to Help > MARC Field Help, click the MARC Field Help button (MARC Field Help button), or press <Ctrl><F1>. A description of the specific field or fixed-field element where the cursor is located opens.

Use constant data

To save keystrokes when using a workform or deriving records, create and apply constant data records, using the online or local constant data file. Constant data is a fast way to add notes and other data you use often when you create or edit records.

You can:

Constant data action Menu > command (keystroke shortcut)
Set a default constant data record Edit > Constant Data > Online > Set as Default or press <Alt><E><D><O><D>

Edit > Constant Data > Local > Set as Default or press <Alt><E><D><L><D>
Apply the default constant data Edit > Constant Data > Online > Apply Default or press <Ctrl><A>

Edit > Constant Data > Local > Apply Default or press <Ctrl><Y>
Apply a constant data record by name Edit > Constant Data > Online > Apply by Name or press <Ctrl><U>

Edit > Constant Data > Local > Apply by Name or press <Alt><E><D><L><N>
Apply a constant data record you select from a list Edit > Constant Data > Online > Apply from List or press <Alt><E><D><O><L>

Edit > Constant Data > Online > Apply from List or press <Alt><E><D><L><L>

See Use bibliographic constant data for more information.

Use text strings

Another way to save keystrokes when you enter frequently used data is to create, assign, and insert custom text strings (use Tools > Text Strings or use the Text String quick tool on the toolbar). Use text strings to supplement constant data when you want to enter shorter data, diacritics or special characters, or several fields of data. Insert a text string from the Text Strings window: select a text string and click Assign. Or insert from the Text String quick tool: select a text string in the list. Or you can assign and use a keystroke or user tool to insert a text string.

See Create custom text strings for more information.

Use guided entry for fields 006, 541, or 583

Open templates to add fields 006 (you choose the MARC format you want) or fields 541 or 583, often used to describe archival materials.

See Create or edit 006, 541, or 583 fields using guided entry for more information.

Use fixed field drop-down lists of valid element values

By default, when the fixed field display is set to Top or Bottom (not displayed as variable field), each fixed field element has a drop-down list of values valid for the MARC format of the record. You can select a value from a list or type over a value. Or you can hide the lists in Tools > Options > Record Display.

See Edit bibliographic records for more information.