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Enter metadata

Learn about adding metadata to individual items or multiple items at a time.

Metadata can be added to single items after they are added to your project spreadsheet or added to multiple items before they are imported into your project spreadsheet. When adding multiple items, you can enter metadata with a tab-delimited text file. See Use tab-delimited text files for more information.

After adding items, you can add metadata to individual items by typing text directly into the project spreadsheet. See Work with projects for more information. Or you can open individual items or objects in an Item Editing Tab and then type or import text. See Multiple files with tab-delimited text for more information.

Before adding items to your project, you can create default text common to a set of items by using the Metadata Templates, or mark items with a brand, watermark, or band, by configuring the Image Rights settings.

  • Check for spelling errors
    Find information about the Check Spelling dialog, the Dictionaries dialog, the Options dialog, and the New Dictionary dialog in the Project Client.
  • Enter data using the Project tab
    Learn how to use the project tab to enter metadata and to use the fill function to enter the same data from one cell to other cells in the Project Client.
  • Enter dates
    Find guidelines for entering dates and formatting rules for date data fields.
  • Image Rights
    Learn how to manage Image Rights settings and apply Image Rights while editing items.
  • OCR
    Learn how to enable the Project Client to generate file transcripts by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), allowing the text characters in an image file to be searched.
  • Set item permissions
    Learn how to view the type of permissions and set item permission in the Project Client.
  • Transcript files
    Learn about using transcript files, which are text files that contain the text contained within an image.
  • Troubleshoot tab-delimited text files
    Find information about tab-delimited text file errors.
  • Use Find and Replace
    Learn how to use Find & Replace in the project spreadsheet or the Item Editing tab.
  • Use Metadata Templates
    Find information about using metadata templates in the Project Client.
  • Use tab-delimited text files
    Learn how to create a tab-delimited text file, enter dates in a tab-delimited text file, and use Microsoft Excel to create tab-delimited text files.
  • Use the Item Editing tab
    Learn how to open an item editing tab, enter metadata, edit compound objects, and manage the item editing tabs in Project Client.
  • Work with a controlled vocabulary
    Find information about using a controlled vocabulary and limiting the number of Controlled Vocabulary terms that are downloaded.
  • Work with full text
    Find information about working with full text in the Project Client.