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Use Metadata Templates

Find information about using metadata templates in the Project Client.

Metadata Templates enable you to select and customize metadata templates to help create consistency and expedite your cataloging process. Templates are available for the general project (all item types), for specific item and object types, as well as for specific image file types.

You can use the Metadata Templates to automatically add descriptive metadata (such as creator, source, date) and administrative metadata (such as file size, height, width) that you want to appear in specified fields for all items when they are added to a project.  

  • For example, if you are working on a project in which all the images were created by the same photographer, use the Metadata Templates to add the photographer's name once and then import all the images.

Properties within the templates also enable you to extract certain information from individual items. The individual data would then be different for each item, but the data type would be the same.

  • For example, you can use the templates to add a file name attribute to one field. That field would contain the file name for each record.

You also can use the templates to import full text transcripts into fields within the collection as you import items into a project.

The Metadata Templates are accessible through the Project Settings Manager.

For more information about accessing, using the metadata templates for entering metadata and the property types for each template, see Metadata Templates.