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Use the Metadata Templates

Find an overview of using metadata templates.  Set up the templates using the Project Settings Manager prior to adding compound objects to your project.

You can use the Metadata Templates to automatically add descriptive metadata (such as creator, source, date) and administrative metadata (such as file size, height, width) that you want to appear in specified fields for all compound objects when they are added to a project. Properties within the templates also enable you to extract certain information.

To use the Metadata Templates, be sure to set them up before you begin adding compound objects to your project. To review your Metadata Templates settings, use the Project Settings Manager.

You can select to use the compound object template when any compound object is added to the project. Page-level metadata is supplied based on the item type specified in the compound object metadata template. The compound object template provides the type and number of pages property types.  

 Note: Metadata Templates settings are applied when you import your files using a tab-delimited file. Metadata Templates values are introduced after the tab–delimited import is complete. In fields where tab–delimited text exists, CONTENTdm inserts a semicolon and a space and then appends the template metadata.

For more information about templates, see Use Metadata Templates.