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WorldShare License Manager release notes, June 2023


Release Date: June 14, 2023


There will be a License Manager release for the Americas and EMEA regions on Wednesday, June 14th from approximately 9:00pm ET to 11:59pm ET. There will be a release for the Sydney region on Thursday, June 15th from approximately 9:00am ET to 11:59am ET.

This release includes the first set of tools for Title Level Licensing.

Please be aware that some features such as Trial Surveys, Public Notes, and ILL automation are not yet integrated at the Title Level. See the full list below.  

We welcome your feedback as you begin to use Title Level Licenses and we appreciate your patience as we continue to improve our features and integrations.  

New features and enhancements

Create Title Level Licenses 

Ability to link Licenses to WorldCat knowledge base Titles in the License Manager interface.

  • Licenses will now have a “Level” designation (Collection or Title) based on the type of content you want to add to the license.
  • The default will continue to be Collection Level, and you can continue to work with licenses at the collection level the way you do today.
  • You are not required to build Title Level Licenses if they do not suit your workflows.

To create a Title Level License 

  1. Licenses – Create a License - Select Level – Title
    license level.png
  2. Add details to the license as you do already today: name, dates, vendors, terms 
  3. Instead of a Collections accordion, there will be a Titles accordion 
    1. Click the Add Titles button to open the Add Titles modal 
  4. Search for the Titles you would like to license.  
    1. Search By Collection to see just titles within a specific Collection 
    2. Search by Title to see titles from any Collection 
    3. Use the Search Scope to narrow your results. You can search by Title, Provider ID, ISBN, ISSN, or OCN.  
    4. Use the checkboxes at the left of the table to select the Title(s) you want to add to your license.  
    5. The count of the number of titles selected will appear at the bottom of the window. 
    6. Click Reset to start over with your search and selections 
    7. Click Cancel to close the window without taking action 
    8. Click Add to link the title(s) to your license
      title search.png
  5. After clicking Add, you’ll see your Titles in a table in the Titles accordion on your license. 
    1. Remove any unwanted titles, if needed. 
    2. Use the Add Titles button to add more titles, if needed. Each license is limited to 900 titles.  
  6. Remember to save your license to commit the changes. Once saved, the titles are attached to the license.  

Create Title Level Templates 

You can also build Title Level Templates if you would like to codify your license details without making a live license. When you are ready to create live Title Level Licenses, you can use the Template Actions – Create License function.  

Clone Existing Licenses into Title Level Licenses 

You can also clone existing Licenses of any Level into a Title License. For example, you can save time configuring terms by cloning a Collection Level License into a Title Level License.  

Additional Notes 

Be aware that Collections can only appear on Collection Level Licenses, and Titles can only appear on Title Level Licenses.  You cannot mix and match the content. If you change Levels when cloning a license or building a license from a template, the content will be removed. For example, if you clone a Collection Level License into a new Title Level License, the Collections from the original license will not be copied over into the Title Level License clone. Other license details, such as terms, will carry over.  

If a Title is on both an active Title Level License and part of a Collection in an active Collection Level License, the system will use the Title Level License. The Title Level License is assumed to be more granular and more accurate than the broader Collection Level License.  

If a Title is on an expired Title Level License and a part of a Collection on an active Collection Level License the system will use the Collection Level License. 


Automatically Selecting or Automatically Deselecting knowledge base content based on a license start/end dates will apply to Titles in Title Level Licenses in this release if the features are selected in the Title License.  

The License Expiration checkbox for Deselecting knowledge base content when a license expires has been moved out of the Collection accordion menu. The feature is now in the General accordion menu immediately following its partner checkbox for Auto Select. The tool has also been relabeled to Auto Deselect. This allows both tools to be in a consistent location with consistent labeling.  

auto deselect.png

In Progress

The following features are still being created and integrated and are not part of this release: 

  • Pairing Title Level Licenses to Trial Surveys 
  • Pairing Title Level License terms to Public Notes in Discovery 
  • Pairing Title Level License terms with ILL automation or ILL staff screens 
  • Add Titles to Licenses from the knowledge base screens 
  • Add Titles to Licenses from WMS Acquisitions

Important links

Quarterly Community Meeting 

See the recording from the May 2023 meeting for an in-depth demonstration of the new tools.  

Post-release sessions

To help you become familiar with the new features, enhancements, and improvements included in this release, there is one update session scheduled. Please note the session time zone when registering. The sessions will be recorded and archived for future viewing on the OCLC Community Center. Please register, even if you are unable to attend, to receive a link to the recorded session. 

WorldShare Management Services release update session 

Date: Thursday, June 15 2023, 11:00am Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-4:00) 


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