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I have 2 LHRs displaying when I only hold 1 LHR - how do I correct this issue?

  • When searching for a title in Circulation where I know Library only holds one copy. It either says I hold 2 copies or I hold 1 copy, but two barcodes are listed below? 
Applies to
  • WorldShare Circulation
  • WorldShare Acquisitions 

This usually occurs when a staff member has ordered item/s in Acquisitions and then receives the item in Circulation by adding the item and barcode in Circulation or changing the On-order copy, by giving it a barcode [hence receiving the item].

Then later at another time maybe another staff member then receives the [same] items they ordered in Acquisitions.  When this happens, Acquisitions does not know the ordered item has been received unconventionally in Circulation already - so creates its own new 867 Marc tag with the acquisition details of date, price, and barcode.
The LHR then ends up with 2 x 876 tags which can cause issues in circulation in regards to its status and how many copies are held.  " Item Status unavailable"

Steps to correct : 

  1. Locate the OCN with this issue in circulation first, to ensure it's the record with an issue.
  2. Then search for record OCN in Record Manager.
  3. Scroll down to the LHR information (you may only see one here but saw 2 in circulation).
  4. Select the hyperlinked barcode  > scroll down & check for 876 Marc Tag fields.
  5. If you see two, one will most likely just have the $p barcode only in it, while the other has  $c (cost) $d ( date received) $p barcode. 
  6. The 876 tag with just the barcode will be the once received in Circulation, this is the tag you will need to delete - to correct this issue.
  7. You would keep the other 876 tag with all the details, as this is the tag connected to your Acquisition module, orders, invoices, and budget and should remain connected.  
  8. Once you have deleted the incorrect 876 fields> Save the LHR  > when you have refreshed the modules, you should now only see the one copy in the Circulation. module too, with the correct number of items/copies held.
  9. If the barcode you had to delete is the one you actually want to use, then after deleting and saving the record.
  10. After refreshing the module, you can then come back into the Record Manager > search of OCN  > edit the $p sub-field on the 876 tag remaining  > Save.  
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