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I can check in an item, but I get an unknown barcode error when searching for barcode in Circulation.

  • In Circulation, you can check in an item and the item shows in the Circulation Item Universe in reports. However, when searching for the barcode in Circulation you get an unknown barcode error. Also, no LHR is found for the item. 
  •  You checked the report for the Removed titles list for titles removed in the previous 3 years, and this title doesn't appear on it. You don't think this LHR was removed from your collection.
  • You know the title that this item should correspond to, but you don't know the OCN or LHR number associated to this item, or if this title is still in your collection.
  • You have the LHR control number and have searched WorldShare Record Manager and can see the LHR there, but it still does not show up when searched in Circulation > Discover Items
Applies to
  • WorldShare Circulation

Note: Depending on overall system capacity, it can take several hours for a barcode deletion to be indexed into WMS.  If you have recently made the LHR deletion, wait a bit before further troubleshooting. 

  1. Confirm that the item barcode is not assigned to an LHR in WorldCat by searching Discover Items > Local Holdings Records > My LHRs > Barcode
  2.  If no results are found, recreate the LHR using the same item barcode
  3. Delete the item in the Circulation module

The will be purged per your 's Deleted Items retention policy. The following week, the will no longer appear on the weekly FTP Circulation Item Inventories report.

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