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Are there restrictions on barcode configuration in WMS?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Circulation
  • WorldShare Acquisitions

There are two restrictions on WMS item barcodes:
    • Max field length of 30 bytes
    • Whitespace characters at the beginning and/or end of the value will be trimmed/ignored by WMS
We also recommend avoiding the inclusion of characters reserved for URL encoding, if possible. Those include ! * ' ( ) ; : @ & = + $ , / ? % # [ ]
The only other limit is what your library’s scanners can support. For example, if the scanner reads 123456x, then the matching value in WMS must be 123456x. If the value in WMS is 123456, then the scanner must truncate the ‘x’ from the scannable label before sending the value to the browser.
WMS does not require or apply a checksum value for item barcodes. The scanner would be responsible for ensuring that the scannable label is translated to the value known to WMS.

Additional information

Item barcodes are case-sensitive for WMS libraries. Checkout, check-in, and searching using WorldShare Circulation require the barcode to be provided exactly as it was entered in the item record.



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