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Recall items

Find information about recalling items in WorldShare Circulation that are currently checked-out.

Items can only be recalled if they are checked out by a patron.

Recall an item

  1. On the left panel, use Discover Items to retrieve the item. For details on retrieving an item, see Look up item.
  2. If you searched for the item (did not scan or enter the item's barcode):
    1. On the search results page, click the item's title.
    2. On the Copies screen, in the row for the item you want to recall, click View/Edit.
  3. On the Item Details screen, in the upper right corner, click Place Hold.
  4. On the Create New Hold Request window:
    1. Use the Patron field to retrieve the patron you are recalling the item for.
    2. Fill in the following fields:
      1. Pickup - If the patron prefers a different location, select the preferred library from the list.
      2. Hold - To set an expiration date, click the calendar button and select a date.
      3. Suspend (Optional) - If the patron does not need the item between certain dates, specify the starting and ending dates using the calendar button.
      4. Move patron to top of queue - Makes the patron the first person in the holds queue for the item.
      5. Notes (Optional) - Provide additional details about the patron's request before and/or after the hold has been fulfilled. Patrons are able to view and update notes when signed in to WorldCat Discovery>My Account. 
    3. Check the Recall item from: box.
  5. Click Save Changes.

For more information on statuses, see Item statuses.

  • The item record’s Status field indicates the item has been recalled for the patron you specified.
  • The patron record’s Hold tab indicates a new item-level hold request.