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Work with holds

Learn how to work with holds in WorldShare Circulation.
  • Circulation hold workflow
    Find an overview and flowchart describing the hold workflow in WorldShare Circulation.
  • Available hold types
    View a table describing the various hold types and when they can be created.
  • Place hold
    Find information about creating hold requests from a bibliographic record and from a patron account in WorldShare Circulation.
  • Edit or delete hold
    Find information about editing and deleting holds in WorldShare Circulation.
  • View holds
    Find information about viewing holds for a patron and viewing the holds queue for a specific item in WorldShare Circulation.
  • Schedule items
    Find information about scheduling an item from a patron account or from a bibliographic record.
  • Manage in-house use of items
    Learn how to manage in-house use of items reserved for patron use in a reading room or other location on library premises using the Pickup Location report.
  • Fulfill holds
    Find information about checking in pulled items to fulfill hold requests in WorldShare Circulation.
  • Recall items
    Find information about recalling items in WorldShare Circulation that are currently checked-out.
  • Hold approval and preparation
    Learn how to manage item approval and preparation workflows for hold requests in WorldShare Circulation.