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Use when conducting an inventory (for example, you are performing a shelf-read and scanning barcodes of items that are present). This mode updates the item’s Inventoried Count and Last Inventoried date on the item Statistics screen. In the future, the ability to conduct a full collection inventory will be added to WMS.

  1. In the left panel click Check In.
  2. In the Check in screen, select Inventory from the Check in Mode.
  3. Scan or type the barcode of the item(s) to inventory.

View if an item is inventoried

  1. In Discover Items search the item you want to view.
  2. In the Item Details click Statistics.

The information is in 2 fields:

  • Inventoried Count - This is incremented whenever you Inventory an item in check in. The count is 0 if the item has never been inventoried.
  • Last inventoried - This is the last date and time that the item was inventoried.

Watch a video

Circulation: Inventory check in (02:38)

Inventory items from the Check In screen. Select the Check In Mode of Inventory and scan the items to inventory. When an item is inventoried, the Item Statistics information is updated, incrementing the Inventory Count and updating the Last Inventoried date and time.


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