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What is the overall workflow for Demand Driven Acquisitions (DDA)?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Management Services

Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA, also called Patron Driven Acquisition or PDA) lets your patrons drive which items you purchase. With your vendor, you set up a collection of titles available for DDA, and then a purchase is triggered when a patron accesses that item.

Because you cannot know which items will be purchased ahead of time, you can create an order of the type DDA Plan, and then add items to this order as they are purchased. This then lets you receive and invoice items as per normal.

The workflow is:

  1. Setup:
    1. With your vendor, set up two Knowledge Base collections: one for your available-for-DDA items, and one for your purchased items.
    2. Create a new order of the type DDA Plan. This order type remains open so you can keep adding items to it as they are purchased.
  2. Purchasing:
    1. Your patrons will trigger DDA purchases by accessing items via your Discovery.
    2. Your vendor will then automatically update your Knowledge Base collections, subtracting the purchases from your available-for-DDA collection and adding them to your purchased items collection.
  3. Receiving and Invoicing:
    1. Add the item to your DDA Plan order when you receive your invoice from your vendor.
    2. Receive and Invoice the item as normal.


Additional information

Acquisitions terms explains the DDA Plan order type.

About DDA collections explains how DDA collections are maintained in WorldShare Collection Manager.

You can track when your vendor updates your KB collections by checking Metadata Collection Manager > Activity History. See Collection Manager Activity History for details.


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