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Post Service Pack 15 Release Notes

Find OLIB release notes for updates released after OLIB 9 service pack 15. Release notes are documents that contain information about new enhancements and bug fixes as provided in scheduled releases.

Key Features

In order to provide optimum security and usability for all OLIB libraries, the two major strands of updates will continue in the areas of security and accessibility. In addition to this, critical developments will still take place and be available according to the customer requiring them.


A variety of automated security scanning utilities continue to be used during development. These include Fortify's WebInspect utility, Source Code scans and third-party security testing. These processes highlight any theoretical vulnerabilities that are prioritised and addressed.

The utilities also highlight potential privacy violations, as well as specific security issues.


Various changes continue to be made in both OLIB Web and Folio as issues are identified and prioritised.

There remains further work toward WCAG 2.0 AA compliance and we would welcome the opportunity to work with any users that have specific needs in order to improve the product further.


  • Acquisitions

    This update comprises of RSD-1510-OLIB15858, RSD-1510-OLIB15935 and RSD-1510-OPAC16060.

  • Cataloguing

    This update comprises of RSD-1510-OLIB15726, RSD-1510-OLIB15754, RSD-1510-OLIB15815, RSD-1510-OLIB15843, RSD-1510-OLIB15949; RSD-1510-OPAC16060 and RSD-1510-16067.

  • Circulation

    This update comprises of RSD-1510-OLIB15905, RSD-1510-OLIB15989, RSD-1510-OLIB15841; RSD-1510-OLIB16011 and RSD-1510-16067.

  • Data Exchange

    This update comprises of RSD-1510-OLIB15714, RSD-1510-OLIB15693, RSD-1510-OLIB15727, RSD-1510-OLIB15881; RSD-1510-OLIB15933; RSD-1510-16067; RSD-1510-OLIB16122; and RSD-1510-OLIB16154.

  • Date Handling

    This update comprises of RSD-1510-OLIB15797 and olibweb- (or later) together.

  • Folio

    This update comprises of RSD-1510-OPAC15711, RSD-1510-OPAC15874, RSD-1510-OPAC15912, RSD-1510-OPAC15966 & RSD-1510-OLIB15966, RSD-1510-OPAC16038; RSD-1510-OPAC16060 & RSD-1510-OPAC16062 & RSD-1510-OPAC16068 and RSD-1510-OPAC16135.

  • OLIB Web

    This update is cumulative building on fixes as they are delivered. The latest released OLIB Web version is olibweb-

  • Reports Updates

    This update comprises of RSD-1510-OLIB15678, RSD-1510-OLIB15732; RSD-1510-OPAC16060 and RSD-1510-16067.

  • Security and Stability

    This update comprises of RSD-1510-OLIB15726, RSD-1510-OLIB15759, RSD-1510-OLIB15937; RSD-1510-OLIB16060 and RSD-1510-16067. For best security, please also update to the latest OLIB Web.