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This update comprises of RSD-1510-OLIB15858, RSD-1510-OLIB15935 and RSD-1510-OPAC16060.

This information is part of OLIB 9>> Release Notes>> Post Service Pack 15 Release Notes

Enhancements (RSD-1510-OLIB15858)

IMS Ref Description

Include the supplier type when searching for a supplier to assign to an order.



Bug fixes (RSD-1510-OLIB15858)

IMS Ref Description
OLB-15856 Check-in/Automatic checkin through order record:   incorrect order item is selected.
OLB-15860 When creating an Invoice Item Event, the amount unpaid is not calculated/displayed.
OLB-15877 Errors during the DBMS job prevent various alerts, include Serial Checkin, EDI orders, User Account alerts and reservation held notices.

Bug fixes (RSD-1510-OLIB15935)

IMS Ref Description
OLB-15914 Order Items Ordered For search no longer works.


Bug fixes (RSD-1510-OLIB16060)

IMS Ref Description

'Missing Defines' error when attempting to add second order item using 'Add order item' method.