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Reports Updates

This update comprises of RSD-1510-OLIB15678, RSD-1510-OLIB15732; RSD-1510-OPAC16060 and RSD-1510-16067.

This information is part of OLIB 9>> Release Notes>> Post Service Pack 15 Release Notes

Enhancements (RSD-1510-OLIB15678)

IMS Ref Description

The number of run time parameters for a report has been increased to 17.


The query section (specifically the SQL fields on the main report definition and in the Report Section records) has been increased from 4,000 characters to 1,048,576 (1MB).

OLB-15628 Improve the Export to Excel in OLIB Reports.

Provide a mechanism to associate a set of parameters with a schedule to run a report, so that you only need one report, but can schedule it to run, for example, several times on a Monday each for a different location.

This has been achieved by adding actions on the Report History records:

  • "Schedule with current parameters" will schedule the report according to the setings on the Report Scheduling sheet to use the parameters given for the selected Report History record.
  • "Cancel schedule" will cancel the scheduling on the selected Report History record.
  • "Copy parameter values" will copy the values given on the selected Report History record to the Report Header, allowing the previewing and adjustment of the parameters if desired.

On the Reports hitlist there is a new action - "Merge Reports". This will combine the selected reports into one, copying the parameter values to scheduled history records on the remaining report. When executed, this action will first prompt for which of the selected reports should be kept.

 Caution: The merge action does not carry out any validation on the suitability of the parameters for the report that is being kept and will merge reports that have very different definitions.

OLB-15720 Provide a mechanism to allow a script to run before a report gathers its results.


Bug fixes (RSD-1510-OLIB15678)

IMS Ref Description

Security fix.

Bug fixes (RSD-1510-OLIB15732)

IMS Ref Description

The library mailbox receives blank Overdue reports for printing in error.

OLB-15729 The overdue report places the page footer at the start of the following page.
OLB-15736 PDF table headings which wrap onto the next line do not get their starting line reset for the next column heading.
OLB-15780 Running a report from the hitlist while it is open in modify mode causes a system hang.
OLB-15799 PDF data rows where a middle column wraps onto the next line in a multi-line per row report does not reset the next line/record position correctly.
OLB-15801 If the Pre-Report code fails the error is thrown away due to subsequent error in the exception handler.
OLB-15802 The RSD report no longer works.

Bug fixes (RSD-1510-OLIB16060)

IMS Ref Description

Reports without a value for frequency are run every 15 minutes.


Bug fixes (RSD-1510-OLIB16067)

IMS Ref Description
OLB-13158 SQL searches created in the Additional Filter SQL domain cannot be deleted.