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Security and Stability

This update comprises of RSD-1510-OLIB15726, RSD-1510-OLIB15759 and RSD-1510-OLIB15937. RSD-1510-OLIB15726 requires RSD-1510-OLIB15693. For best security, please also update to the latest OLIB Web.

This information is part of OLIB 9>> Release Notes>> Post Service Pack 15 Release Notes

Enhancements (RSD-1510-OLIB15726)

IMS Ref Description
OLB-14392 Security fix.
OLB-15297 Provide new attributes for the author lists on titles filtered by the responsibility type code.


Bug fixes (RSD-1510-OLIB15726)

IMS Ref Description
OLB-9555 OLIB hangs when resequencing a title subject that is locked in another window/tab/session.
OLB-15615 Title hitlist does not show titles containing extended CJK characters, reporting errors in the Problem Log.
OLB-15712 Copying sheets retains a database lock until the user logs out leading to hangs if the draft of the sheet is subsequently published.
OLB-15724 Stability fix.
OLB-15731 'ORA-12728: invalid range in regular expression' on MARC-XML export.
OLB-15734 Adding Alternative titles to a title generates an error in the OLIB Web log.


Bug fixes (RSD-1510-OLIB15759)

IMS Ref Description
OLB-15741 OLIB Web hangs predominantly during cataloguing without specific reproducible workflow.


Bug fixes (RSD-1510-OLIB15937)

IMS Ref Description
OLB-15938 Security updates for the SIP2 Server