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Recall items

Libraries using WorldShare Management Services and Discovery can allow patrons to recall items checked out by other patrons.

When an item is recalled, the due date is automatically updated and a notification is sent to the patron who borrowed the item. Library staff are able to recall items by default, in accordance with their library's loan policy.

The recall button is configured in OCLC Service Configuration. The recall button appears to customers only when there are no items available to check out. To enable recalls, see Place Hold/Request Buttons. Once enabled, the recall button displays in the item detail of the record.

If you have configured a Place Hold to display on items that are checked out AND have also enabled Recall, the Recall option will display next to the Place Hold. When Recall is enabled, it will display as a stand-alone fulfillment option and is not considered in best access options logic.


Patrons can recall:

  • Monographic items, only if all copies are unavailable. The patron can select a specific copy to recall from the list, assuming that there are multiple copies of the title held by the library.
  • Multi-part items, if any one of the copies is unavailable. The patron can select any unavailable copy to recall.

The patron can select a pick up location from the I want to pick up at drop-down list. An error message will appear if a recall is not allowed on the selected copy.

In the patron account, the item will appear:

  • In the requesting patron's account as a hold request. The begin date will be the date that the item was recalled by the patron and the end date will be determined by the library's recall policy.
  • In the original borrower's account on the checkout tab with an updated due date. Depending on library policy, the due date is shortened the item cannot be renewed. If the patron tries to renew the item, an error message displays.