Add a custom chat widget

If your library offers online reference service, configure your custom links to open a chat widget in a new window when the link or chat area is clicked.

  1. Sign in to OCLC Service Configuration.
  2. Navigate to WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local > User interface options.
  3. Enter information for Custom link 1:
    1. Link type: Select library contact info
    2. Display Chat Widget: To display the chat widget for patrons, select Yes.
    3. Using a different reference service, such as LibAnswers?
      • You can display a different chat widget by pasting a code snippet in the Chat code box provided
        • Chat code: When copying and pasting a code snippet, ensure that it is copied directly from the source. When the code is copied from an e-mail or text document, carriage returns can sometimes be entered which will cause the code to fail.
        • Display text: Create a custom text label of your choice (limit 24 characters).
        • Click test URL to confirm that the widget appears as desired.

 Note: The recommended size for the widget is 185 pixels wide x 275 pixels high. URLs referenced within the chat widget code must utilize HTTPS to avoid mixed content warnings raised by most modern web browsers, which could render the chat widget inoperable.

Add a Custom Notification

Configure a custom message to display to your library users in WorldCat Discovery and in My Account and notify them of important information.

To configure a Custom Notification, see Display Settings, Custom Notification.