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How to assign roles to users

In order for your users to perform actions in the system, you must assign them roles. Users can have multiple roles assigned to them.

Search for a user

  1. On the left navigation, under User Management, select an index from the Limit search to list.
  2. Enter your search terms, or enter an asterisk (*) to search through all users.
  3. Click Search or press <Enter>.
  4. From the search results, click a user name to open the record.
Available search indexes - Table
Limit Description
Everything (default) Contents of all fields in the user record
Name Contents of the First Name, Middle Name, or Last Name.
Barcode Barcode (ID number) of the user
Street Address Address of the user (e.g. house number, street name)
City City of the user's address
State/Province State or province of the user's address
Postal Code Postal code (e.g. zip code) of the user's address
ILL Identifier A unique identifier for the user in the Tipasa system. It may be the user's library barcode.

Search all institutions in your group

 Note: This option is only available if you are part of a WMS group.

Deselect the check box to search for users from your institution. When the check box is selected, users across all institutions in your group will be shown.

You cannot edit users that are not from your institution.

Assign roles

  1. In the user account, expand the Roles accordion.
  2. Within the Roles accordion, click Edit (on the far right).
  3. Select the appropriate roles.
    • For more information on the actions users can perform with individual roles, see Roles
    • All accounts must have the Everyone role assigned. The Everyone role is included automatically and should not be removed
  4. Click Save.

For additional information about how to manage user accounts, see User Management.


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