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Address Book

Learn how to enter contact information for your institution's branches, as well as how to add details about off-system borrowers and lenders.


This is an advanced setting available to Tipasa subscribers. If you are a Tipasa library, refer to Tipasa, Address Book.


Create and maintain details about off-system institutions that you borrow from and lend to in order to automatically populate the partner details in your off-system borrowing and lending requests. Entries must be created in the Partners tab before they are able to use the partner in an off-system request. Refer to Off-System Requesting for more information.

Partners cannot be deleted once created, but they can be flagged as inactive so that they cannot be included in future transactions.

 Note: There is a limit of 3,000 total partner records and 500 active partners.

To add a library partner to the Address book:

  1. Select the Partners tab.
  2. Select the Add Partner button.
  3. From the New Partner screen, enter the information about the library partner's identity in the following sections:
    • Partner Information
    • Locale

       Note: The Locale will default to the creating library's information. If the partner is in a different locale to that of the creating library, manually change the local details using the drop-downs for Country and Language.

    • Shipping Address
    • Billing Address
    • Return Address
    • Contact Address
    • Notes

       Note: Each partner record must have a unique Partner Name and Partner Symbol. 

  4. Click Save.