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Cancel a request

If configured, the Cancel action should be used only to cancel the request with the current responder location and move onto the next location in the rota. If the lender responses with a “Cancel Reply-Yes” the request will move onto the next location in the rota.


Cancel Now

Cancel now is only available for Laser/Consortial request. This action will cancel the request and not wait for a response from the lender before the request will move onto the next location in the rota.

Use Terminate Request to cancel the entire request.

Select Cancel/Cancel Now from the list of available actions, and then click the Action button.

You may send a message to the current responder with information about the cancellation. When you are ready to cancel the transaction with the current responder, click on the Action button.

If the lending library is an NRE/VDX or ISO-ILL responder, the request will move from a status of Pending to one of Cancel Pending, waiting for the lending library to acknowledge the cancellation.

If the responding library is a generic script or email responder, the request will be cancelled immediately.

The request will move on to the next location in the rota and become Pending. If there are no more locations on the rota, the request will be in the End of Rota queue and can be completed.