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End of rota workflow

If the current potential lending library chooses the action Answer Nonsupply, then your request will automatically be forwarded to the next library on the rota. When no library in the rota is able to satisfy the request, you will find the request in the End of Rota section of the Work Queue.

There are 2 things you can do with End of Rota requests:

  • Complete them to remove them from the Work Queue
  • Add more locations and send the request on.

To complete the request, perform a Complete action.

You can add a private note if needed and then click the Complete button.

To add more locations to a request’s rota and ‘bring it back to life’ after it has reached End of Rota, select the Request action and click the Action button.

You should then go to the Rota Details section of the ILL Request screen and add new locations to the rota. The locations to which the request has already been sent will be shown but will be faint.

After adding more locations, click the Request button to send the request to the first location in your new rota.