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Return items to lender

Items in the Received section of the Borrower Work Queue are on loan to borrowers at your library and need to have the ‘Returned’ action taken when they are ready to be returned to the supplying library.

This will send a message to the Lending library that the item is being returned.

When you choose the Returned action, you will see the ILL Request Returned screen.

The Return Date defaults to today’s date but can be changed if required.

Each item which is returned is added to the Returned List report which can be printed from the Borrower Work Queue in the same way as the Received List described above.

This report can be inserted in the book when returning it to the lending library. The report is in PDF format. It can only be printed once from the Work Queue but can later be printed again if necessary, by going to the Reports area of NRE/VDX and selecting Batch Reruns or by selecting the report type in the request details.