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Receive requested items

On receipt of an item you should change the status of the request to Received.

You may retrieve the item from an ILL request search if you know the request number, or from the Shipped or Pending section of the Borrower Work Queue. If you have a number of items to receive, it may be advisable to work from the work queue.

Since you have the item in hand, you may not need to view the request details before receiving it. From the request results, you can select the action Received document and click the Action button.

When you choose the Received action, you can complete the local due date on the form. The local due date may also default from rules created when your system was configured. You may modify it, if needed. You can also enter a Public note which will be sent to the lender or Private Note for your staff use only.

If you have integrated your circulation system with NRE/VDX, enter the barcode the item will have in your circulation system in the ‘Local Item Barcode’ field.

When items have been received they appear in the Received List report, available from the Borrower Work Queue. This report can be inserted into the item and placed on a shelf for the patron. It can also be used to notify the patron by telephone.

The report is in PDF format. It can only be printed once from the Work Queue but can later be printed again if necessary by going to the Reports area of NRE/VDX and selecting Batch Reruns or by selecting the report type in the request details.